Unwired Updates: Issue 33

Welcome to issue 33 of Zeus Unwired’s mobile newsletter.

We’ve gone large in this edition of Unwired Updates with a focus on big data. One expert characterises it as not dissimilar to teenage sex, while another describes it as a headache. Whichever is closer to the truth, one thing is certain: big data is big news and it offers big opportunities for mobile. Sometimes, size does matter.

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Rob Marston

Founder- Zeus Unwired


Why big data is like teenage sex

Not embarrassing, regrettable and driven by a heady mix of hormones and alcopops apparently. No, big data is like teenage sex because everyone talks about it, no one really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they’re doing it. That’s how Adrian Lee, head of digital at MediaCom Hong Kong, sees mobile data and he offers up some tips on how to tame the beast. (The data that is, not the teenager). Read on.


Ballooning big data – the digital marketer’s headache

IBM predicts that, by 2020, the global population will generate 35 billion terabytes of data every year. It’s this data that can tell us what the weather will be like tomorrow or which route to take to work in the morning, but for marketers, it’s the key to achieving the best possible campaign results. The key to success is data plus human creativity.Find out more.


Better fitting bras and other big data uses

The big data guru has rounded up seven of the most interesting — and unusual — applications for big data and how they may be impacting your life, including an algorithm which suggests a selection of bras and a map that helps you seek out or, perhaps more usefully, avoid, hipsters. Discover more.


IBM, Facebook team up to improve targeted digital advertising

Facebook has the channel (and the billions of eyeballs) for the ads, while IBM has the big data crunching power to determine (and potentially sway) the results. The collaboration is designed to enable consumer product companies and retailers gain deeper insight into what their customers expect and in turn provide them with compelling experiences that “bridge the physical and virtual divide.” So says IBM Commerce general manager Deepak Advani. Find out more.

Big data infographic

You’re coming to grips with what big data is, but how do you put it to work for you? This useful infographic, explores some of the best places to harvest data, including social media posts, transaction records, Google search queries, digital pictures and video, as well as smartphone GPS readings. Check it out.
Rob Marston
Rob Marston
In digital since dial-up, Rob is a passionate and curious mobile/digital advocate, motivated by a determination to help businesses harness their potential in the evolving digital marketing age. During a career spanning two decades, Rob has made his name as a pioneer of digital and its “bleeding edge”. In addition to his role at Zeus Unwired, Rob is a founding member of the ad:tech unwired advisory council on mobile, and co-producer and chair of the inaugural ad:tech unwired event, working not just to promote the industry, but to shape it. He is a regular university lecturer at and speaker on the potential of mobile for business and has presented at a number of events, both in Australia and internationally.
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