Unwired Updates: Issue 35

Welcome to issue 35 of Zeus Unwired’s mobile newsletter.

Mobile apps are booming, from retail to banking and everything in between, it’s all about the apps. In this issue we look at the downright necessity of apps, their development and consider their future. Come on, get appy.

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Rob Marston

Founder- Zeus Unwired


‘Hi, your bank here. Need cheap suncream?’

Banks want to be your ‘lifestyle partner’ and why not? They already know a lot about you, including how much and when you get paid, what your credit limit is and where you’re spending your money. If they could just work out how pick up takeaway while simultaneously pouring a glass of wine we’d be in… Find out more.


Retail App Trends: 4 new features your app needs right now

Mobile apps look set to become THE touch point for engaging with consumers over the next few years. Retail brands have to take advantage of the mobile app channel or risk losing consumer attention to competitive services. Learn more.


Google goes secret squirel

Google has oh-so-quietly purchased an app streaming startup called Agawi, according to a new report from The Information. Streaming, rather than storing apps would reduce the need for higher storage capacities (meaning a less expensive model could be purchased) and save on battery life too. Read on.


Mobile apps can make or break a product

Think of mobile apps as a Hollywood casting director – they have the power to determine whether you will be a success. They have the might to make or break you. They have the authority to show you the couch… Moving on… apps are no longer an accessory, they are a necessity. Discover why.


11 apps that will make you smarter

Obviously, Unwired Updates readers are among the smartest people on the planet. But, just in case you’re having an off day, peruse these 11 apps guaranteed* to make you smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Fry’s lovechild. Flex your cerebral muscles.
*Zeus Unwired offers no such guarantee.

Rob Marston
Rob Marston
In digital since dial-up, Rob is a passionate and curious mobile/digital advocate, motivated by a determination to help businesses harness their potential in the evolving digital marketing age. During a career spanning two decades, Rob has made his name as a pioneer of digital and its “bleeding edge”. In addition to his role at Zeus Unwired, Rob is a founding member of the ad:tech unwired advisory council on mobile, and co-producer and chair of the inaugural ad:tech unwired event, working not just to promote the industry, but to shape it. He is a regular university lecturer at and speaker on the potential of mobile for business and has presented at a number of events, both in Australia and internationally.
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