Unwired Updates: Issue 39

Welcome to issue 39 of Zeus Unwired’s mobile newsletter.

In this issue, we round up mobile and digital marketing news from around the world. We catch a Jetstar flight to discover how the Australian airline is using ‘kinetic’ marketing to personalise its user experience, consider the impact of Apple’s new ad-blocking plans, peruse an infographic on the staggering stats around smartphone-enabled shopping and find out how Facebook has changed the world as we know it. There’s something for everyone – enjoy!


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Rob Marston

Founder- Zeus Unwired


Jetstar personalises mobile with ‘kinetic’ marketing

A dynamic new tool is allowing Jetstar’s mobile customers to interact directly with fare and destination information in an email. And it’s generating double-digit revenue and conversion uplift for the Aussie airline. Find out more.


Apple’s iOS 9 forces a dramatic rethink for mobile marketing

Marketers struggling with the basics of mobile marketing are about to face new challenges with the launch of Apple’s latest operating system update (iOS 9) this month. The beta version is enabled with ad-blocking and deep linking in apps, suggesting Apple is prioritising retention over acquisition on mobile. Get the facts.


How Digital-Native Publishers Are Dealing With Ad Blocking

If news of Apple’s ad-blocking plans (see above) has you nibbling your nails in nervousness, don’t fret. Instead of pleading for its readers to turn their ad blockers off, or cutting deals with ad blocking companies, several digital-native publishers (including Mic, Vox Media and Quartz) are investing in more appealing ad formats to woo consumers. Read on.


Infographic: how and why shopping is moving to the smartphone

There are 1.91 million smartphone users and 82 per cent of them use mobile to shop. The mobile experience has never mattered more, and this striking infographic shows why. Check it out.


Seven ways Facebook has changed the world

You need hide your social media addiction no more, for it is official; Facebook is life-changing stuff, literally. From relationships to revolutions, Facebook has changed the world, and our lives, forever. Discover more.

Rob Marston
Rob Marston
In digital since dial-up, Rob is a passionate and curious mobile/digital advocate, motivated by a determination to help businesses harness their potential in the evolving digital marketing age. During a career spanning two decades, Rob has made his name as a pioneer of digital and its “bleeding edge”. In addition to his role at Zeus Unwired, Rob is a founding member of the ad:tech unwired advisory council on mobile, and co-producer and chair of the inaugural ad:tech unwired event, working not just to promote the industry, but to shape it. He is a regular university lecturer at and speaker on the potential of mobile for business and has presented at a number of events, both in Australia and internationally.
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